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Share your stories of change with YOU Effect’s community!

Our ultimate goal is to amplify the voice of leaders and passionate organizations.

We are pleased to connect with new partners and work together to amplify stories of change.
We look for three criteria in our partners:

1) You support or help share the work of leaders
2) You are creating change or provide a platform to inspire others
3) You want to contribute to positive media

How to partner with YOU Effect:

1) Education Partner
For: Teachers, School Boards and Educators

YOU Effect provides a platform to share the student voice and inspire peer conversations among like-minded leaders.
Whether you are looking for positive media content to share with your students or a place to profile their leadership stories and writing talent, YOU Effect provides a peer empowered media network.

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2) Content Partner
For: Nonprofit and Charity Groups or Youth Leadership Networks

We are always open to aligning with new organizations to provide stories of change and share the impact of local leaders from your region.  Whether it’s sharing an inspiring story of a volunteer or highlighting the impact of one of your community projects, YOU Effect is pleased to publish your stories to our network. As part of our community you will also gain access to inspirational content to share among your network including our mentorship video series featuring tips for success and wisdom from accomplished young leaders and industry role models.



3) Media Partner

For: Online publications, bloggers, news outlets and YouTubers

YOU Effect is a collaborative media network. We happy to learn of new media partners in which we can collaborate with to help spread our reach in various regions around the world. Whether you are interested in cross-publishing your content or want a source of inspiring stories for your own channel, YOU Effect is pleased to connect with you.

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