Submission Guidelines

YOU Effect’s mission is to harness media to capture stories of change.
We welcome your submissions keeping in mind our main value:
Provide positive media content!
There is enough gossip and scandal in regular media.
Share with us the impact of your work or the hidden positive underlinings of today’s pop culture and community connections.

Types of Submissions

YOU Effect accepts blog articles, images, and videos for publishing consideration.

Submission are available for both periodic publication projects as well as our online community.

Periodic Publications

Please refer to the publication page for specific content submission guidelines and details.

Online Submissions

When submissions are open, you may submit as frequently or infrequently as you wish. You are encouraged to promote your posts through social media networks and share your work.

Please categorize your submission into one of our areas of focus:

  • Entertainment – your source for celebrity news, pop culture and entertainment events. Finding the social good underlinings of your favourite roles models and industries including music and TV/film.
  • Inspire YOU – your source for motivation, inspiration and innovation. Capturing stories of change of individuals who are leaving a ripple effect in the world. Focusing on themes of entrepreneurship, social impact, good news stories and daily heroes.
  • Global YOU – your source for trending world issues, topics of interest and concern, travel, education, environmental and more. Bringing together world perspectives to spark conversations and insight.
  • #YOUvoices – your channel to feature your voice, share your passions, ideas and struggles. How are you embracing the power of YOUth? Share your stories to be profiled on our online channels or our webseries.
  • Star Spotlight –  YOU Effect™ selects celebrities and young leaders to profile their story of change. If you have an incredible story that deserves to be shared send us your thoughts and remember to tag #YOUvoices!

Be sure to tag your submissions with any other relevant hashtags so we can properly share your work.

If you are using 3rd-party images or videos in your submissions you must have permission to use them and proper credit must be given in order to be published.
Submissions that include marketing-related links, profanity, graphic content or spam will not be posted. Please note in respect to our diverse global community, we are a non-partisan and religion neutral media outlet. Please reframe from submitting political or religion focussed content.

All submissions when possible should include a bio and headshot associated with your profile, so we can recognize your amazing work when we publish it.


We reserve the right to edit posts for spelling, grammar, etc. Submission topics and opinions should be in line with our brand values. Please do not be offended if we suggest changes to your article. We want to help you make it the best it can be!


Publishing of submissions will be done at the discretion of YOU Effect. We reserve the right to decline publishing any post or to remove any post after it has been published.  By submitting content to be published you agree to abide by our Terms of Use.

You are encouraged to monitor and respond to comments left on your blog post, and of course share it with your friends!

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